Health and Hygiene

As Mi Casa Academy, we have made all our preparations to minimize the risks, especially in this extraordinary period. We have created our health and hygiene protocols by examining expert opinions and examples from abroad.
All of our administrative staff and teachers have been trained on the information contained in our protocols.
Our lunches and snacks come in disposable boxes for our children.

Psychological Orientation

During the pandemic, our school psychologist had a lot of conversation with our children and parents about "staying home and returning to school during the corona process". We tried to guide our parents so that they can more easily manage the positive and negative compelling emotions that our children experience when they cannot leave the house, and the positive and difficult feelings they experience while returning to school. During the return to school process, we shared a psychological orientation guide with our parents that guides how to communicate with their children in the last three days before returning to school.

Home education with Mi Casa...

"0-6 years is the period when 90% of brain development and 70% of personality development is completed. During this period, our children learn by absorbing every information quickly like a sponge, effortlessly through experience and play. That is why, in this period, it is of great importance to provide our children with an educational environment created in line with their individual interests and needs and to ensure that they meet with the right studies and materials where they can achieve different gains. ”
That's why we rolled up our sleeves and started to prepare our “Montessori - Homeschooling at Home” website to bring your children together with higher quality activities and materials that support their development, when you are at home.
On the other hand, our distance education process, which started during the pandemic period, continues to provide uninterrupted education to our children.

Videos, activity boxes, online lessons

During the pandemic, we continued our education at full speed.
We have prepared many special videos for those who miss school at home, with our teachers. With the videos shot, our children both had fun and continued to learn in the kitchen, with handcrafting, painting, English, many activities, great fun, songs and fairy tale versions.
In addition, our boxes consisting of carefully selected and prepared educational materials were delivered to their homes in order to support the education of our children during these days when we were staying at home. Our live broadcasts, which are structured according to the needs of our children and contain different subjects that support their holistic development, provide an educational environment that both gives pleasure to our children and supports their development in every sense.

Our Documents:

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