"Not every teacher is a parent, but each parent is a teacher"

With an aim to offer an in-depth guidance to support our parents through their parenting journey, we offer effective services such as study hours, workshop studies, parenting seminars, digital applications, etc.

  • As a boutique school, we truly understand the significance of regular and open communication with parents and welcome them to contact us or our school’s psychologist to discuss about their child’s developmental progress.
  • On a daily basis, the updates about students are shared with parents through mobile application named "Okulluaile" ("We are students now").
  • In co-ordination with parents; our support and guidance cover issues related to potty training, nap time and eating habit of their children.
  • From time to time, we offer educational workshops + activities to guide parents. Such programs include yoga, mindfulness, etc. Parents are welcome to participate with their children in these activities.
  • As required and upon request, we conduct Seminars for parents together with our school’s psychologist and teachers.
  • Informational guide is provided for parents, baby-sitters and family elders related to preparation of "Montessori activities at Home".
  • Also, on our blog “Parenting Platform” (Ebeveyn Platformu), lasted academic and scientific information/ articles about cognitive, physical, emotional development, are shared.