The Founders


Gülay Şengül Yağmur joined Mi Casa Academy administration as a partner in 2021.

Gülay is also the founder of BrightKids Preschools in İstanbul. She graduated from Çukurova University English Language department and received her Master’s degree in “Instruction and Leadership in Education” from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

As a teacher Gülay taught English in various schools in Adana, Ankara and İstanbul. Afterwards she moved to USA with her family. After coming back to İstanbul, she looked for a preschool to nourish her childrens English skills. Motivated by the lack of international preschools she started first BrightKids Preschool in 2011. BrightKids is now a leading international preschool in İstanbul with 4 campuses.

Gülay regarded Mi Casa Academy highly with its immaculate implementation of Montessori methodology and joined its administration to also join forces with BrightKids.


Burcu Erdem Çakar, has been carrying out responsibilities as the School Principal of Mutlu Panda Preschool since 2016 and became co-partner in 2018. Lately, ÇAKAR collaborated as one of the co-founders of Mi Casa International Montessori Preschool.

Çakar completed graduation in Education program from Yıldız Technical University and continued studying Early Childhood Education at Boğaziçi University. While teaching in various schools; Çakar took workshops at the international arena as a School Representative in ASHOKA, "Schools that make a Difference". She further studied designing and developing preschool educational programs, teachers’ trainings at Innovative Learning Center, educational coordinator in few institutions. Çakar had always been keen to learn about various Educational Philosophies and due to that she studied Reggio Emilia and Montessori Philosophy. She wrote and published papers and also practiced counseling. Çakar had completed 3-6 year old Montessori Trainer’s Training Certificate Program of Emel Wilbrant Çakıroğlu, at the same time she completed the entrance training to Orman Preschool and still continue with their certificate programs.

Çakar has made significant contributions to Kıvılcım Project regarding child development (this project is under the coordinator-ship of Çakar, in Dolapdere with the valuable support of The Australian Embassy, Beyoğlu Municipality and BUSOS - Boğaziçi University Social Services Club). The project is based on the studies related to the accompaniment of drama, music and games with the children of ages from 7 to 14 years. Also, Çakar made significant contribution to the application of Cognitive Education Programs for preschool children. It delivered Lectures on the topic “Thought Games” at Pembe Ev (Pink House). It was a joint project of Çakar TOG (Community Volunteers), BUSOS and SHÇEK.

Burcu Erdem Çakar is married and has two daughterss: Jeyan ve Füruğ.